We Tried All the Timbiebs Flavours and Here's Our Verdict

Justin Bieber delivers the yummy-yum with his new Tim Hortons collaboration
We Tried All the Timbiebs Flavours and Here's Our Verdict
Photo: Allie Gregory
Much like the mania that Justin Bieber inspired with his side-swept bangs and fancy footwork in the 2010s, the obsession over the artist's latest drop — the Tim Hortons collaboration known as Timbiebs, of course — has been sweeping the nation online and in-store in equal measure.

Naturally, we had to get in on the action to determine whether or not these remixed Timbits were worth all the hype. As Canada's authority on music, film and entertainment, we at Exclaim! consider ourselves to be at least half-qualified to review the confectionary balls of dough — even if it means sending one's partner out into the wild to nab the local Tims' last batch, effectively ruining the day of the girl next in line. (Sorry.)

So without further ado, here's our official verdict on the Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons Timbiebs:

Birthday Cake Waffle

Of all three flavours, the Birthday Cake Waffle is far superior to its counterparts. While its vanilla cake flavouring is nothing new to the Tim Hortons fare — the restaurant has offered plain old Birthday Cake for years now — the added "waffle" component, reportedly maple-cinnamon glaze, adds an extra punch to the otherwise standard offering (read: extra sweet). Doughy and firm, this one was also the offering most intriguing to the resident house cat.

Chocolate White Fudge

Look, when I say I've never been a fan of Timmy's chocolate donuts, I'm not exaggerating. The mere sight of conventional chocolate Timbits gives me horror flashbacks to every ill-fated childhood ONroute pit stop — psychosomatic tummy aches and all. That's why this little brown ball was so surprisingly delightful. A gooey dough plays host to a textural coating of white-chocolate something-somethings, while its thick glaze preserves an inner moistness not found in its notoriously dry trad-choco counterpart. 

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip

The Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Timbieb delivered exactly as expected. Its dough has that same familiar bready texture us Sour Cream Glaze fans have been known to defend, and similarly, its translucent glaze flakes in your mouth just as its doughy predecessor would. The added mini-chocolate chips and cookie-esque crumb coating doesn't add much to the experience, though it certainly doesn't detract from the flavour profile either. Of all three, this was the weakest offering — although that didn't stop me from eating all three in the box.