Tricky "The Only Way"

Tricky 'The Only Way'
While trip-hop lifer Tricky hasn't yet announced a new album, he is giving us a new single. Called "The Only Way," the track is set for official release on Friday (June 9) via False Idols/!K7, but you can check out a stream now.

The song was recorded in Moscow late last year and described by Tricky as "Hell Is Round the Corner Part 2."

In a statement, Tricky said of the song: "A few years ago I'd have said I ain't doing this because it sounds like me, I always had a punk rock attitude: I don't give a fuck if you like Maxinquaye, I ain't doing another Maxinquaye. Now I'm a bit more comfortable giving people what they want sometimes."

You can hear "The Only Way" for yourself below via the video player to see for yourself if Tricky has given you what you want.