Neko Case Launches Her Own Nature-Geared Newsletter, Shares RAC Remix of "Halls of Sarah"

'The Lung' will feature "postcards about loving nature and its crazy ways" and more
Neko Case Launches Her Own Nature-Geared Newsletter, Shares RAC Remix of 'Halls of Sarah'
Neko Case is about to get a bit closer to nature. Today, the songwriter has announced a new weekly newsletter that she's calling The Lung, and to celebrate the launch, she's revisiting her 2018 solo outing Hell-On with a little help from RAC

The Portuguese-American artist has remixed the New Pornographers member's "Halls of Sarah," which you can hear below. The rework arrives alongside news of Case's newly launched The Lung — a Substack effort that will find her sharing "postcards about loving nature and its crazy ways." It also promises to include interviews and conversations with both professional naturalists, and Case's fellow friends of nature. 

"I've always been in love with nature," Case shared in a statement. "I have felt 'outside' of it for a long time, though, which is wrong to me as I'm 'in it' more than a lot of people. I live in Vermont, a part known as 'The Northeast Kingdom.' It's a leftover name from some tourist campaign, but it sounds majestic, which this place really is!"

She continued: "In my own personal world, I refer to the forest I live in as The Lung. That name came quietly out of my feelings for the place, and it has no scientific basis whatsoever. It is affectionate shorthand. The Lung makes air, it cleans, it heals, it feeds. It is the place where incredible scenes happen — not for me, but for nature's own reasons and pleasure. The Lung resets my mind and sharpens my senses. I am the least important component of this forest, which is very freeing indeed."

Case's Hell-On landed amongst Exclaim!'s Top 10 Folk and Country Albums of 2018. Last year, the New Pornographers' Twin Cinema celebrated its 15th anniversary.