Boris with Merzbow "Vomitself" (video)

Boris with Merzbow  'Vomitself' (video)
Before Boris and noise legend Merzbow have you heaving in terror to the studio-created sounds of their collaborative Gensho release, the foursome are treating you to an extremes-pushing concert clip of "Vomitself." Mixed together with some nausea-inducing visuals, the performance is streaming now.

As previously reported, the upcoming collection was crafted following a collaborative set between the two acts. The song had initially been offered up on Boris' Amplifier Worship as a droning, chunky metal excursion. As you'll see via the player below, the song still plods along punishingly, with Merzbow now adding layers of digitized chaos atop the piece.

The video finds the act mangling their instruments for a horns-raising audience, while a maelstrom of swirling visuals and burning film stock get slipped into the audio-visual presentation as well.

You can check the heaviness below, while Relapse Records releases Gensho in double-CD and quadruple-LP variations on March 18.