You Could Own This Winnipeg Man's Massive Movie Collection for $1 Million

The collection features 17,195 pieces
You Could Own This Winnipeg Man's Massive Movie Collection for $1 Million
Whether vinyl records or DVDs, plenty of people are still attached to the tangible nature of physical media. However, a Canadian man has grown tired of owning what he claims to be the "world's largest collection" of movies, so he is looking to sell his lot for a cool $1 million USD.

Winnipeg resident Adam Malik first began collecting movies after receiving a VHS tape as a Christmas gift at age 11. Over the next 25 years, Malik put together a library of 17,195 films on VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Laserdisk and more, which are all currently stored alphabetically in his home.

Malik posted an eBay ad for his collection back in August of this year. As of press time, the site reveals that 50 offers have been made for the massive movie haul. Speaking to CTV, Malik revealed that offers have ranged "from one dollar, to a hundred dollars," saying that "the largest amount is not adequate."

"If you'd like to collect 17,000 movies, how much time are you going to take doing that? It took me 25 years!" he added. "So if you'd like to save 25 years of your time, I'm willing to sell that time to you, for a price."

As the eBay ad shows, Malik's collection boasts 542 Criterion Collection titles and 294 3D Blu-rays, along with every single film from Marvel, Pixar, Studio Ghibli and more. Of course, the ad contains an alphabetized list of every film in the collection, if your scrolling and 'find/replace' skills are up to the task.

Malik told the CBC he plans to keep around 500 titles in his own collection should he find the right buyer. If you're game to make an offer, you can pore over the eBay listing here.