Issa Rae Is Confused by Donald Trump Liking an 'Insecure' Tweet

The U.S. president's only liked post is a .gif from the HBO series
Issa Rae Is Confused by Donald Trump Liking an 'Insecure' Tweet
While Donald Trump is widely known for his avid (and often problematic) use of his Twitter account, the president has been long been stingy on handing out "likes" to other accounts — that is until now.

It was discovered sometime late Sunday (June 7) that Trump has one solitary like attributed to his profile, and it was dedicated, strangely enough, to a .gif of Issa Rae's HBO comedy series Insecure.

Much to the bafflement of fans and creator Rae — considering the president's history of sketchy race relations and the series' focus on Black characters — there has been no explanation so far as to what about that one tweet Trump found so likeable.

Rae herself has expressed her own confusion about the situation, tweeting in response to the "like" earlier today with an apathetic, "what the fuck is this."

Rae's The Lovebirds co-star Kumail Nanjiani has also reacted to the irony of the situation, tweeting, "Well I found one thing I have in common with him: we're both big fans of Issa Rae," earlier today.

Last month, Rae and Larry Wilmore's hit rom-com series was renewed for its fifth season by HBO. Key players Yvonne Orji, Natasha Rothwell, Amanda Seales and Jay Ellis, as well as Rae, are set to return following its current fourth season. 

See the original tweet, as well as Rae's reaction to the mystery "like," below.