Anthony DeVito / Noah Gardenswartz JFL42, Rivoli, Toronto ON, September 25

Anthony DeVito / Noah Gardenswartz JFL42, Rivoli, Toronto ON, September 25
Co-headlining for a crowd of people who mostly hadn't heard of them before, Anthony DeVito and Noah Gardenswartz showed the clueless but curious comedy fans at the Rivoli just how they earned the half-hour specials they just taped for Comedy Central. Both comics were pretty broadly entertaining for most of their sets, but it was still a good night out.
After their opener Julia Song did some decent material about her sexual exploration during childhood, Noah Gardenswartz took the stage for the first half of the show. His bit where he retold the story of Jesus founding Christianity as if Jesus was the boss's son at an office job was cogently comical, and his comparison of marriage and being vegan was equally dead on. Though Gardenswartz's ability to find funny parallels was clearly his strong suit, his progressive material about why he wanted a gay doctor to examine his prostate and his jokes about having a tattoo that said "True to Myself" above his crotch were also amusing.
Anthony DeVito revealed a little bit more about himself in his set. His anecdote about presenting a completely ridiculous, half-assed project to his first-year architecture class was refreshingly original and personal, as were his true stories about living in a Hawaiian forest and having to admit that he put down an embarrassing answer for a security question.
However, the most memorable part of his set by far was his narrative about masturbating with a fake breast made for cancer patients. His witty line about how leaving a teenage boy alone with a silicon boob should be considered entrapment had everyone giggling and wincing at the same time.