Sect "Curfew"

Sect 'Curfew'
The shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have led a number of artists to reach out with messages of support for Black Lives Matter. U.S./Canadian hardcore combo Sect are the latest to raise their voices, having now premiered a police- and power-critiquing song called "Curfew."

The song is a menacingly mashed-out piece of hardcore, which flies by via blast beats from drummer Andrew Hurley (Fall Out Boy, Racetraitor), a groundswell of detuned riffs, and elite-targeting screams from frontman Chris Colohan (Cursed). Throughout, he alludes to abusive cops as alibi-driven "rats," the many lives lost in police custody, and the "excessive farce" of the current system.

The song comes from the group's forthcoming self-titled debut, but is being unveiled now ahead of the independent release's August 5 due date.

Sect explained of releasing the song early:

We had reservations about posting this, not wanting it to come off as insensitive, opportune or self-serving ("Fuck this tragedy and here's a song dealing with it, Preorder Here!") but at the same time, really wanting to post it, and right now. This is how we honestly feel, and the epitome of what this music still represents for us. It's how we share grief and anger over such horrors, how we vent and process them personally and contribute to the greater dialogue about it publicly; we form our words and songs into a scream and let it out to join the others. So:

We're putting this song up early in light of the rising death toll in one of the worst mass murders in modern western history, to help sustain the conversation and if nothing else to offer support, condolences and solidarity from our corner of the world. We stand with all victims of systematic violence, abuse and deliberate oppression.