Moby Shares New Album for Free via Fake White House Press Release

Moby Shares New Album for Free via Fake White House Press Release
Moby has unveiled a new record titled More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse, marking the follow-up to last year's These Systems Are Failing with the Void Pacific Choir — and it's available for free download as of today (June 12).
The electronic musician announced the album via a fake press release "from the desk of [former Donald Trump publicist] John Miller" on White House stationary, revealing that: "the moby artist, who is old and sad, is putting out albums number 2 with the void pacific choirs."
Miller's faux statement continues:
i can't say i like it but it's there. they made album #1 last year before my boss, donald j. trump (who is a real person, just like me) became the president of the united states. moby artist was invited to inauguration (BIGGEST) but he didn't.  the first album they released is very is this second album, just see the title, pretty clear.  but it's like they hate america and think it's NOT GREAT AGAIN.  so, don't listen to this as i won't be listening, even though they are giving it away for free! idiots!
apocalypse?  i don't see real horsies anywhere? SAD.

john miller

Head over here to defy Mr. Miller and download a copy of More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse.
Of course, Moby has publicly criticized President Trump since he was elected to office, penning open letters asking America "What the fuck is wrong with you?" and asserting his opinion that Trump is definitely being blackmailed by the Russians "not just for being peed on by Russian hookers, but for much more nefarious things."

As noted in the aforementioned press release, Moby also turned down an offer to appear at Trump's inauguration earlier this year.