The King Khan & BBQ Show "Invisible Girl" (video)

The King Khan & BBQ Show "Invisible Girl" (video)
Who's to say when King Khan & BBQ Show filmed this somewhat darling but otherwise disgusting video for "Invisible Girl." Considering the duo's blowout and alleged break-up in June, this could have been in the can for a while.

But maybe the pair have patched things up? Either way, let's enjoy the bawdy rockers perform one of their more genteel sock-hoppers whilst dodging the leaking anus of a stuffed seagull. King Khan manages to be mostly smiles as he gets doused in the bird's droppings, but BBQ, who looks as if he's been standing too close to a faulty soft-serve machine, seems a little edgy by song's end.

Their cutesy aquatic puppet counterparts seem to be having a better time below sea level. There is, after all, a naughty mermaid swimming around to keep them company. Hopefully this isn't the last we will see of the dirty '50s rock-inspired duo, because this video, as nasty as it can be, is a lot of fun.

"Invisible Girl" is the title track from the band's 2009 full-length, which was released via In the Red.

Invisible Girl - The King Khan and BBQ show from David Leclerc on Vimeo.