Keane Night Train

Keane should have stopped after their first album. That was their only great piece of work; they embraced the fact that they were three guys who didn't need any guitars or electronic sounds. Ever since, it's felt like they make an album and then decide to change things up. Night Train is an eight-song-long EP recorded during a tour for their third album, Perfect Symmetry. Night Train sounds empty, hasty and over-produced. Canadian favourite K'Naan makes an appearance on the radio-ready "Stop for a Minute" and "Looking Back," but he doesn't present his soulful earnestness. "Clear Skies" is actually quite good because it doesn't have any heavy synths, and vocalist Tom Chaplin lets go for a bit. Keane used to be this beautifully emotional trio, but they need to figure out who they really want to be now. (Island)