Bill Cosby Trial Deadlocked with Hung Jury

Bill Cosby Trial Deadlocked with Hung Jury
Following a trial last week, the ongoing Bill Cosby sexual assault saga has spilled into this week as the jury has been deliberating about a verdict. Following three days of talks, however, the jury has confirmed that they can't come up with a decision.

According to the Associated Press, jurors have admitted that they're deadlocked after a combined 30 hours of discussion. "We cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any of the counts," they concluded. That said, a judge has told them to keep trying for a verdict.

Though Cosby has been accused of raping more than 50 women, this case specifically follows the alleged drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand in 2004. 

Cosby was charged with three counts of sexual assault. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years, thought they could be combined for sentencing purposes.

It's an incredibly serious week for the comedian, though he seems to be in frustratingly high spirits. On Tuesday, he did a Fat Albert impression while leaving the courtroom.